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ZDT81 fine small pneumatic membrane single seat regulating valve

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    • Commodity name: ZDT81 fine small pneumatic membrane single seat regulating valve
    • Commodity ID: 1084834306057719808

    1.Product Introduction

       ZDT81 fine small pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial sectors, control of gas, liquid, steam and other media, applicable to the leakage of strict specifications of the occasion, in the high pressure difference of large diameter, should be used in conjunction with the locator.

    2. technical parameters

    Valve body  

    Nominal diameter:    25~200mm

    Nominal pressure:   PN1.6; 4.0;64Mpa

    Connection form:  Flange type according to JB/T79.1 PN1.6 Mpa  

                               JB/T79.2 Concave-convex surface

    Material   Material: HT200   ZG251 

              ZG1Cr18Ni9    ZG0Cr17Ni12Mo2

    Upper Bonnet:   Normal temperature type (P):-17~230 ℃ 

              Elongation type I (E1):-45 ~-17 ℃,

    230~566 ℃

              Elongation type II (E2): monolithic (E2):-100 ~-45 ℃

                       Welding type (E2W):-196 ~-100 ℃

    Filler:                V-type PTFE packing, impregnated with PTFE

    Ethylene Asbestos Filler, Asbestos Filler

    Inner valve assembly  

    Material Material:    1Cr18Ni9Ti   0Cr17Ni12Mo2

    Spool form:    Single-seat plunger type spool

    Flow characteristics:    Equal percentage characteristics and linear Steele surfacing.


    implementing agency      

    Spring range:   0.02~0.10,0.04~0.02Mpa

    Type  Type:        HA multi-spring membrane actuator

    Diaphragm material:   Ethylene propylene rubber clip nylon

    Supply pressure:   0.14,0.24 Mpa

    Pneumatic connector:RC1/4

    Ambient temperature:-30~70 ℃

    Valve action type         Gas-Off or Gas-Open



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