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Stainless steel axial pressure gauge with edge

Stainless steel axial pressure gauge with edge

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    • Commodity name: Stainless steel axial pressure gauge with edge
    • Commodity ID: 1084834336999100416

    Stainless steel axial pressure gauge with edge

    Product introduction

    The input liquid level meter has the characteristics of good user interface and high accuracy.Parameter settings can be made through the control button, HART communication, PROFIBUS PA or foundation field bus interface.Imported chip assembly, differential pressure transmitter process structure is compact, sturdy, light weight, easy to install, easy to use, and maintenance-free.Zero point, the range can be continuously adjusted externally, and the migration range is wide.

    Suitable for a variety of occasions, all-weather harsh environments and various corrosive media.Can be configured with linear 100% pointer or LCD screen.

    Product features

    1. There are two forms of dial indicator and LCD display to choose from

    2. Select sealing rings to solve the problem of waterproof in outdoor situations

    3. Miniaturization, light weight, unified structure of the whole series, and strong interchangeability

    4. No mechanical transmission parts, low maintenance, and optional diaphragm material for contact with the medium.

    5. Standard 4-20mADC, with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control

    7. Support the upgrade to fieldbus and field control-based technology

    Product real shot

    Axial installation

    Stainless steel joints are used, and threads can be customized

    Stainless steel material

    The product is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and more durable

    Transparent glass mask

    Transparent glass mask, spiral pointer

    Product parameters

    Processing customization: Yes

    Model: YBF-100ZT

    Type: Axial stainless steel pressure gauge

    Accuracy level: 1.6

    Dial diameter: 100mm

    Measurement range: 0-60MPA

    Connection method: threaded connection

    Ambient temperature: 200°C

    Material: stainless steel

    Field application

    After-sales commitment

    01 Reliable corporate qualifications

    02 Invest heavily to create ingenuity and quality

    03 After-sales service commitment

    The company promises to the user that the hardware and accessories that should be provided when this instrument is supplied do not have any defects in the material and manufacturing process.Calculated from the date of purchase of the instrument, during the warranty period, if the user is notified of such defects, the company will implement unconditional free repair or free replacement of the products that are indeed defective.

    The company guarantees a 7-day return and 1-year warranty for all recorder products, and lifetime maintenance.

    1. For customers' technical questions, we promise to deal with them within 4 hours.

    2. For instruments returned to the factory for repair, we promise to issue test results within 3 working days and complete the repair within 7 working days.

    3. After the instrument is returned to the customer, the user will be visited within 2 weeks, and free consultation on automation-related technologies will be provided.

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