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ZDA9G Zirconia Analyzer

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    • Commodity name: ZDA9G Zirconia Analyzer
    • Commodity ID: 1084834489772429312

    Product introduction

    It is used to measure the oxygen content in the flue gas of various boilers and industrial kilns to guide the correct operation of boiler operators. The boiler is operating under optimized combustion conditions, and the oxygen content can also be transmitted and output to the control system to achieve closed-loop control, in order to achieve the best results of energy saving and environmental protection.The detection probe is oxidation error.

    Product features

    1.5.4-inch 320x240 dot matrix high-brightness blue screen graphic LCD monitor;

    2.CCFL backlight;

    3.Screen contrast can be adjusted freely;

    4.Fully isolated universal input, can input a variety of signals, no need for jumpers, can be configured through software;

    5.The display value range of the project quantity is wide, and 5 digits can be displayed: -9999~19999;

    6 Support scientific notation display of vacuum degree;

    7.The alarm display indicates the lower, lower, and upper limits of each channel at the same time, and the upper limit alarms.Can record the most recent 15 alarm messages;

    8.Use the USB interface to dump and backup history records, support 128M, 256M, 512M, and 1G USB FLASH drives;

    9.Standard serial communication interface: RS-485 and RS-232C;

    10.New type of switching power supply, normal operation in the range of 85VAC~265VAC;

    11.Provide transmitter +24VDC isolated power distribution;

    12.The metal housing can be used in harsh environments;

    Product parameters

    Range: 0.01~25.0%02 (the range is freely set from 5.00%-2500%)

    Output signal: 4~20mA load resistance≤500Q isolation

    Repeatability: less than 0.5 at full scale%

    Basic error: ≤±2% (full scale)

    Stability: ≤±1% (continuous verification of the instrument for 4h)

    Response time: When the standard gas is introduced into the meter from the detector inlet, the response time reaches 90% within 5 seconds

    Ambient temperature: detector -10°C~80°C; converter 0°C~40°C

    Power supply and power consumption power supply: 220±10% VAC, the maximum power consumption is 150W

    Oxygen temperature: ≤70°C (negotiated supply above 700C)

    Oxygen pressure range: -500~+500mmH2

    Detector length: -0.4m; 0.8m; 1.0m;1.2m; (other lengths can be produced according to user requirements)

    Product real shot

    Field application

    After-sales commitment

    01 Reliable corporate qualifications

    02 Invest heavily to create ingenuity and quality

    03 After-sales service commitment

    The company promises to the user that the hardware and accessories that should be provided when this instrument is supplied do not have any defects in the material and manufacturing process.Calculated from the date of purchase of the instrument, during the warranty period, if the user is notified of such defects, the company will implement unconditional free repair or free replacement of the products that are indeed defective.

    The company guarantees a 7-day return and 1-year warranty for all recorder products, and lifetime maintenance.

    1. For customers' technical questions, we promise to deal with them within 4 hours.

    2. For instruments returned to the factory for repair, we promise to issue test results within 3 working days and complete the repair within 7 working days.

    3. After the instrument is returned to the customer, the user will be visited within 2 weeks, and free consultation on automation-related technologies will be provided.



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