Main functions of magnetic float type level gauge

18 Oct,2018

With the rapid development of modern production technology, more and more high-tech products have been put into use. Magnetic float type level gauge and so on are the representative of the development of technology, they can not only for the measurement of liquid level or interface to bring quality assurance, but also in improving the overall efficiency of the use of a qualitative leap. Magnetic float type level gauge in today's use undoubtedly also has the opportunity to continue to develop, we need to pay attention to what in the actual use of the process? Presumably we are also very interested, the following by the magnetic float type level gauge manufacturers for you to briefly introduce the main functions of the magnetic float type level gauge it.

Why radar level meter sales are high

27 Aug,2018

Radar level gauge has continuously deepened its quality from modeling design, technology research and development, production and production, and improved its comprehensive competitiveness. At present, it is recognized as a product with high quality, high cost performance and high color value in the industry, which has brought this kind of level gauge into a new era of 4.0. After creating exquisite appearance and high color value through well-known industrial design teams, the sales volume of radar level gauge has also soared.
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